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  • Kirsten Schreiber

State Housing Board Awards Grant to build Living Wisdom Village!

Updated: May 31, 2023

At last, all of us at CPCH are delighted to report that the State Housing Board has awarded Crestone Peak Community Housing a grant of $4,533,029 for the construction of Living Wisdom Village! With the capital stack now complete, CPCH is finalizing steps to begin construction of the village, and a start date of July 10th is anticipated. Delays are still being experienced in the supply chain and it’s difficult to estimate when the project will be completed, but we currently anticipate the project will be ready for residency no later than April 2024. For those of you who are on the LWV interest list, CPCH will send out pre-applications to you in August or September.

The CPCH board and our Executive Director Akia Tanara are so appreciative to all of you for the variety of ways you have supported this project and encouraged each of us; our combined contributions have led to this success. Well done and thank you, everyone! We can finally get this affordable senior housing village built.

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