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Executive Summary



CPCH is building a village of 20 small rental homes in Crestone for seniors most in need of affordable housing and a supportive community to age in place with predictable housing expenses, near their friends and established connections.

The design of Living Wisdom Village, Elders Creating Community (LWV) incorporates a communal, yet independent housing approach, with naturally occurring opportunities for engagement with other residents. The community center will provide social stability through numerous on-site activities including communal meal preparation and dining, appropriate fitness and wellness programs, dedicated space for arts and crafts, centralized computer space, theater/TV room, and a room designated for private meetings and wellness consultations.

The LWV project aims to improve health equity for seniors experiencing poverty, disability, isolation, and ageism. It will strengthen support systems and the environment that enables seniors to remain in their homes and community as they age.

An updated Housing Market Analysis received in July 2020 reports a demand for 151 new affordable rental units for seniors in Saguache County; this represents a 62% increase over 4 years, when the 2016 Housing Market Study reported the demand at 93 units. There are currently 50 names on the CPCH waitlist. It is our desire to offer rents at 30 – 80% AMI in order to serve seniors with low to very low income (most people on the waitlist).

The Crestone/Baca community is a model for alternative and sustainable building. It is vital to the CPCH Board that LWV is developed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The board has chosen to develop housing with indieDwell, who provides modular, affordable housing solutions that are energy-efficient, sustainable, healthy, and durable; this housing can be built and placed in 3-4 months. The homes are finished with all appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, and HVAC, making them turn-key ready for occupation. This construction approach allows for the rapid creation of quality affordable housing.

Seniors provide most of the volunteer services in Crestone/Baca. They govern the Town, the Homeowner’s Association, fill almost every non-profit board, operate food distribution programs, and serve on committees that are working to sustain and improve the quality of life in our community. Their wealth of knowledge, experience, and availability is key to operating ongoing programs, developing more effective services, and solving problems.

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