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Crestone Peak Community Housing



CPCH is a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit working since 1994 to help low-income and disadvantaged people obtain access to affordable quality housing and to serve as a model in designing and financing affordable housing in rural Saguache County, promoting economic self-sufficiency and livability.


Since its incorporation in 1994, the evolving boards of CPCH have addressed its purposes in a variety of ways. Initially, land in the Baca Grande subdivision was inexpensive. Landowners who wanted to divest themselves of parcels but could not find buyers donated lots to CPCH, who then worked with the underserved to develop homes on these parcels. As land values began to increase, lots were no longer being donated, and the board worked on projects to help low income individuals to acquire homes they could afford.



CPCH will uplift the lives of Saguache County residents through affordable housing and increased economic opportunities.

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