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LWV Update! We're Getting Closer...

Updated: Apr 5

A couple of days prior to the State awarding the $4.5M grant to CPCH (at the end of April,2023), we learned that indieDwell, the company who was to supply the housing units to the village, had closed its doors ‘temporarily’ due to cash flow issues. The state was aware of this situation, and as a condition of the grant award, required that CPCH be under contract with a company able to construct the project for a similar cost by August 1, 2023.

As you can imagine, the news about indieDwell created considerable distress for us. Following more than a year of research into all types of housing options, CPCH selected indieDwell for the quality, sustainability, and cost of their premanufactured units. We waited several weeks for the announcement of their reopening, and finally realized that we would have to find another option to meet the deadline set by the State. Previous research did not identify any other pre-manufactured housing that would meet the identified criteria. And, as a side note, indieDwell still has not reopened their plant.

CPCH began working with Alcon Construction (Alamosa) in mid-May to develop site-built units. This required a return to architectural and engineering work at a time when all consultants were fully booked, knowing that the State grant would be lost if we could not comply with their deadline. The past few months have been very stressful, but design details are nearly complete, the State is satisfied that we have met their conditions.

Our aim is to start construction in the spring of 2024. For those of you who have been waiting to apply for housing, thank you for your continued patience.

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