Barbara Hoeppner

We feel the great loss of our beloved board member, Barbara Hoeppner, who passed away on March 27th.
She was an idealist and a visionary, extending her dreams and her heart into the Living Wisdom Village project.  She saw the need for affordable housing for our elders and was an engaged board member from the beginning 10 years ago.

Her vision for LWV went far beyond affordable housing.  She sought to make homes where people could live in a way that reflects the kind of world that we want – a world where we take care of and look after each other – a world where isolation is countered by meaningful (and fun!) interaction – a world where the experience and wisdom of elders (and of all) is honored and valued.  Hers is the spark that has illuminated the Living Wisdom Village.
Barbara, we are happy you are at peace and out of pain, though we miss you dearly.  We will realize your dream and extend its reach to the town and beyond.  We feel your spirit, hear your laughter and know that you are a part of all that you created. 


Thank you, travel lightly,
Your Living Wisdom Village Board


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