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Crestone Peak Community Housing (CPCH) and Living Wisdom Village ... 

EZ tax credit form

Living Wisdom Village, a project of Crestone Peak Community Housing (CPCH), has been steadily progressing in bringing affordable housing for seniors in Crestone.

Distinct challenges face non-profits trying to develop projects in rural communities, particularly those with a high rate of poverty, as CPCH is. Funding opportunities often found in urban areas do not exist in these rural areas. Our goal of helping seniors remain in comfortable and affordable living environments within our community does face these challenges.


There are Income Tax advantages when you donate to CPCH. CPCH is an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project which allows a 25% Colorado state tax credit on all cash donations (in the amount of $100 or more) from individuals and businesses when the contributor pays state tax with an itemized tax return. A completed tax credit form is needed to process Enterprise Zone tax credits. For more information, and to make your contribution towards bringing Living Wisdom Village to life, please contact Project Manager Akia Tanara at


We remain focused on our objective of creating quality affordable living environments for seniors. Where we live is a central component of well-being and quality of life and is the context within which many of our basic physical, social and psychological needs are met. Your contribution will help create housing opportunities for seniors who might not otherwise be able to remain in the community with us.


Donors not taking advantage of the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit should make their checks payable to Crestone Peak Community Housing and mail them to PO Box 911, Crestone, CO, 81131.


Thank you for your support of the Living Wisdom Village project.

Click here to print out you EZ tax credit form