Project Overview

An updated housing market study was completed in July 2020 and included one very shocking statistic; the need in Saguache county for affordable senior housing has increased 63% during the past 4 years. With a wait list already containing more requests than LWV will be able to accommodate, we feel the urgency to get this project completed as quickly as possible.


The Living Wisdom Village (LWV) project is being developed in three phases and is now moving into design.

Phase 1 – Get Lined Up: This included obtaining non-profit status, achieving Enterprise Zone (tax credit) designation, completing a housing market study, locating and purchasing suitable land for construction, having 2019 financials audited, developing a procurement policy, attaining preliminary Planned Unit Development (PUD) approval from the Town, and fundraising to accomplish these objectives. This work is complete.

Phase 2 – Design the Village: The objectives during this phase are to obtain funding through donations and from foundations to engage the architect, engineer and project manager, fully develop the LWV design, and obtain final PUD approval from the Town; it is anticipated that the design phase will be completed by March 2021.  


Phase 3  - Build It!: The objectives during this phase include obtaining construction grants and loans, infrastructure development, and creation of governance and rental documents. We currently anticipate that seniors will be moving in late 2021 to early 2022.

Project Milestones/Timeline

Obtain non-profit status: Completed Feb. 2018


File for Enterprise Zone status: Approved August 8, 2018 


Find land for development: Oct. 29, 2019

File PUD application with Town: Approved March 9, 2020


Fundraising campaign to purchase land: Reached Goal April 30 2020

Purchase land for development: Purchased April 30, 2020


Submit grant applications for Architect/Engineer funding: Completed August 2020


Project design: Fall/Winter 2020


Submit LWV design plan to Town for final PUD approval: Spring 2021

Submit grant applications for construction: Spring 2021

Begin construction: Fall 2021


Ready for residency: Winter 2021 – Spring 2022           



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