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Living Wisdom Village,

Elders Creating Community

Mission Statement

To develop housing for an economically diverse population, within walking distance of the Crestone

commercial district, for people 55 and older who are able to live independently.

Vision Statement

Living Wisdom Village - Elders Creating Community aspires to enhance the quality of life for seniors in a community where residents get support from each other and the greater community, their living environment allows them to meet their daily needs more easily, opportunities for social interaction are increased, and their life experiences and acquired skills can be shared more readily.

"Aging in Place" is the ability to live in one’s own home safely, comfortably, and independently, irrespective of age, ability level or income. Living in community helps seniors remain independent; walking to the post office, shopping and coffee shops is good exercise and supports increased social interaction. Living close to community helps prevent isolation, which is a cause for anxiety and fear. The opportunity to engage in communal meals with their peers supports eating more regularly with a varied diet. It is vitally important to us that our elders have the opportunity to live dignified and engaged lives, remaining physically and mentally active, ensuring they are visible and valued in society, and able to enjoy reciprocal relationships with peers, neighbors, and community members of all ages. It is necessary for elders to remain in community for as long as possible to maintain the diversity.


Living Wisdom Village (LWV) will be an affordable living community (rentals) for those 55 and older located near to downtown Crestone. The need for this project became evident from findings of a Housing Market Study completed in 2016 which indicated a complete lack of senior independent-living facilities in Saguache County, and this market being severely undersupplied in the surrounding Alamosa, Chaffee, Mineral and Rio Grande counties (San Luis Valley).


This project aims to strengthen capacity while meeting the needs of our aging population, where seniors can maximize the quality of their lives in an environment that offers both privacy and community. It is structured to include a balanced range of income and demographic segments of the county. The ‘Village’ will house 15 – 35 seniors, consist of all rental units - including some Section 8 units, and will be governed by the residents. CPCH is dedicated to Living Wisdom Village being developed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

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